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Austin Office Finders is an office space rental agency in Austin Tx that helps Tenants find office space for rent and sale and negotiate the lowest rates and best terms possible. We only represent the Tenant’s & buyers, never landlords, to help level the playing field and avoid conflicts of interest. We have the tools, experience, and resources to help any company whether a small, big, new, or existing.

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Our services don’t cost you anything. Commissions are being paid to landlord reps regardless if you have representation or not. Might as well get some help right? Call or fill out our form in the market in which you need office space.

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Why Use Us to Find & Lease Office Space?

Finding space on your own can be difficult especially if you don’t live in the city where you want to lease or are not familiar with the buildings. You tell us about your business, ideal size and layout, budget, & timing and we do all the work of finding your space. We show you the best locations for your company whether you want the least expensive, walkable areas, class A, etc. It’s that easy.

We will save you a ton of time and effort. Let us do all the heavy lifting of calling and searching and then present you only those spaces that meet your current and future needs. Don’t waste your own time searching the internet’s outdated/inaccurate listings or calling “for rent” signs hoping someone calls you back.

We have access to the entire database of available offices and know every owner, landlord, and agent in town, which means we know what is currently available and what will be 6-12 months from now.

It’s easy to make mistakes on leases especially when you may only rent it every 3-5 years. Even small mistakes can be costly. Take advantage of our 13 years of commercial lease transaction experience to mitigate your risks and avoid missteps.

When leasing office space you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal, but how do you know? We have a pulse on the market 24/7. By working with us you’ll have the market intelligence & peace of mind that every concession and dollar possible is negotiated on your behalf.